Our Story

Lumic is a venture created from the idea that everyone should be able to afford an aromatic experience in the comfort of their own homes.

As you embark on this journey, we assure you that every candle is hand-poured and carefully curated with utmost attention to detail. While promising maximum quality we ensure that we deliver to you an identical sensory experience through every burn. From fruity fragrances to scents that remind you of your favourite breakfast, we offer a wide variety of options that makes sure you find the perfect one for you!

Our Fragrances &
Our Candles

Every fragrance that we develop has been manufactured carefully in the United States. Aside from engulfing your home in aromatic fragrances, these candles also do an amazing job at furnishing your home with their aesthetic nature. 

Each of our candles consists of a carefully curated soy blend base. We have successfully managed to produce the perfect wax blend that ensures long burn times, along with a balanced fragrance throw, allowing you to enjoy every moment to the fullest. 

Candle Care

Candles enhance your space with an aromatic adventure that will certainly leave you delighted. To enjoy premium quality and have the best experience we encourage you to follow a proper candle care routine. Instructions for candle care and lighting are on the bottom label, don't forget to take a look!

Here are a few steps to keep in mind while lighting your candle:

Keep Your Wicks Trimmed 

Make sure to keep your wicks trimmed to the length stated on the bottom of the candle. It will increase the candle's efficiency by helping it burn longer, neater and more evenly.

Let the Wax Pool

Let your candle burn until the complete top layer becomes a pool of liquid wax from edge to edge before extinguishing it. This will assure even burning and the maximum fragrance release for the life of your candle.

When Burning Your Candle For Longer Periods

If your wick begins smoking or flickering excessively, extinguish the flame and trim the wick. After doing this you can relight the candle and continue enjoying your fragrance. Keep the wax pool clear of wick trimmings, matches and debris at all times.

Extinguishing Your Candle

Be careful and gentle while extinguishing your candle. A simple puff of air aimed at each wick should do the trick. Do not carry candles until the wax is cooled and set and use caution as containers can be hot to the touch.

When To Say Goodbye To Your Candle

When the wax is 1/2 of an inch or less from the bottom of the jar, it’s time to go get yourself a new candle. You can always recycle or upcycle your jar into something new and cute!

More Useful Tips You Can Follow:

1. Avoid lighting candles in drafts, vents or currents.

2. Leaving lit candles unattended is a huge no-no.

3. Store your candles in a cool and dry place to best preserve them.

4. Handle the glass containers with care to avoid shattering.

5. Always light your candles on a heat-resistant surface and away from flammable objects.

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