Frequently Asked Questions:

What wax do you use?

We have curated a custom blend of soy wax that has many redeeming qualities such as being natural, sustainable, vegan and non-toxic. It ensures that you experience an even and long-lasting burn from all our candles.

Aren’t all soy wax candles the same?

Label guidelines in the USA allow any candle that is at least 51% soy to be labelled as a soy wax candle. This indicates there is potentially 49% that is either paraffin, beeswax, palm wax, or coconut wax. With pre-blended waxes that have non-disclosed formulas available to candle makers, there is a high scope that not all soy candles are the same. Our candles, however, are only composed of a natural soy wax blend and promise the ultimate burning experience.

Do you use essential oils?

We use superior quality and clean fragrance oils that are particularly made for candles and contain elements of essential oil. In addition, all of our fragrances are free of phthalates, parabens, and petroleum. The delicate and costly nature of essential oils does not aid in the curation of our candles; hence we suggest customers diffuse or enjoy their essential oils separately, and buy high quality, natural wax candles for burning.

Do you use dyes or other additives?

No, we do not. Our candles are composed of natural wax and fragrance oil only making them extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly. We also use cotton wicks that are free of any metal, zinc or lead.

Can your containers be reused?

Yes! Once there is about 1/4 inch of wax left, it's time to stop using that candle and get yourself a new one. Be cautious and careful when removing the remaining wax, wicks and any labelling. We advise you to gently scrape out the wax and wick stickers with a plastic utensil. After that, place the container in hot soapy water to soften any residue and labels, then wash, rinse and dry. And voila! You have an aesthetically pleasing jar to upcycle and use as decor to jazz up your space.